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Planning Your Podcast

Guest talk today at De Montfort University to Level 6 students taking the Live Presentation module.

Thanks to Sumeer Kalyani, Lecturer on the Broadcast Journalism Degree for the invitation to talk to the students about planning their 10-minute podcasts. Sumeer like myself teaches part-time at DMU while working in the media industry – he is a Senior Journalist at BBC East Midlands.

Top Tips:

P – Participants  – who to invite? / Promotion – marketing & social media channels / Place – where to record the podcast

O – Opinion – what do you think about your chosen theme or social issue

D – Duration – how long will your podcast be? e.g. 10, 27 or 60 minutes

C – Content – what do you have and how does it fit the chosen theme or social issue?

A – Audience – who are they?  what are the demographics?

S – Skills – what skills do you think you need? do you have them? can you acquire the knowledge via an online course or is there someone you can ask?

T – Transcript – record your podcast as an MP3 file (or film as MP4) and use a platform like to transcribe the audio into a text document – useful for quotes in social media posts.

If any Member of the Parallel Lives Network would like to participate in a ‘Podcast Planning’ online session please use the Contact form on the Home Page.