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Day 14 #16DaysOfActivism

Welcome to Day 14 of #16DaysOfActivism from across the Parallel Lives Network.

Interview with Julian Harrison discussing mental health activism and what that means to him as an expert in equality & diversity.

Julian and I have been friends for 15 + years and during that time I’ve always found him very open when discussing his own mental health. Equally, he is a prolific giver of his time to others … both sharing, informing, and supporting those that ask to meet him.

This makes Julian, in my mind, a rather unique human being.

Yes, he has a mental health condition. Yes, it impacts his life and his family. But that does NOT stop him from being a prolific author with books on a year of living with his melancholia and the Holocaust. In some of his darkest moments, I’ve been fortunate to witness him discuss his books on Nazism and the Shoah with a clarity that is immersive, engaging, and honest.

I hope our conversation contains something that connects with you, whether you have a mental health condition yourself or just want to be better at listening to those around you for those silent hidden signs that are often missed in our rather rushed lives in 2022.

Julian hosts an excellent Facebook Group called ‘A Year in Melancholia’ – Living with Mental Illness

This link takes you to the website about his book: click here

‘A Year in Melancholia’

‘One Man in Leicester. One Life with Depression. One Year of that Life’