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Day 15 #16DaysOfActivism

Welcome to Day 15 of #16DaysOfActivism from across the Parallel Lives Network.

My latest interview was with Natasha Gooneratne, Founder of Perspective South which presents stories, narratives, and perspectives from the Global South.

Natasha, who is based in Colombo Sri Lanka, uses her extensive experience in the area of Third World Approaches to International Law (TWAIL) & Geopolitics to challenge the dominant narratives of the Global North and offer a fresh perspective to those willing to support this change.

One of her latest Instagram posts was in response to the predominately negative Global North media coverage of the World Cup… is simply headlined: We’ve all been Qatar at some point. The truth is that the so-called Developed World forgets, not that it was itself ‘developing’, but the majority of the damage done across a whole range of areas was caused by them through imperialism, colonialism, and the loaded use of international aid.

I hope you find our conversation of interest and invite you to come on a journey with our two personal projects to nudge the narrative about the Global South towards those best placed to comment.

You can find out more about Perspective South by following their Instagram channel @perspective_south or subscribing to their YouTube channel.

This film on their YouTube channel provides an informative starting point for those that wish to get involved in ‘changing the perspective’ from the Global North to the Global South.