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PAVE Conference 2023

We hope you enjoyed the 2023 PAVE Conference on Wednesday 1st November at De Montfort University.
If you are reading this then you took the time to speak with us on our stand – thank you!
Next steps
If you wish to take up a volunteering role with the Parallel Lives Network please go to our Contact page and let us know in what area/s you are seeking a volunteer role – for example, Period Poverty, SV, DV, HBV, FGM, or other?
We will be arranging several  ‘find out more’ sessions in the coming weeks and will send you an invitation to attend to discuss further.
You can join us for events during the upcoming #16DaysOfActivism programme between Saturday 25th November – Sunday 10th December 2023.
Thanks again for showing interest in our work and hope to you soon.
John Coster + Nkoyo Majebi