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Day 9 #16DaysOfActivism 2023

Join us for #16DaysOfActivism from across the Parallel Lives Network.

I’ll be interviewing network members about their particular take on activism and what it means to their cause.

The programme runs from Saturday 25th November – International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women – through to Human Rights Day on Sunday 10th December.

We’ve reached Day 9 of #16DaysOfActivism and the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. I took the opportunity to interview Sarah Reilly, Disability Rights Advocate and Co-Founder & Director of the Women’s Research Centre.

Sarah is enjoying better medical support for her MS since moving to Scotland. As a friend, this makes me and those who know her very happy. But as we discussed in this interview, the support you receive shouldn’t be dependent on your postcode. Are people living outside London and the South-East being poorly served by not having an ‘England’ political body that represents them like the Scottish Parliament or Welsh Assembly? Would it be better placed to understand the needs of the North, North-East, and South-West areas, especially concerning the NHS and education?

I also discussed with Sarah the early days of disability activism and whether those involved in the movement would have seen her recent opportunity to attend the first disability summit in the Scottish parliament as progress.

As with all our interviews, we ended up exploring further areas and I’m pleased to say the opportunity to expand our collaborations will start to take shape in early 2024.

If you wish to contact Sarah please connect via LinkedIn – Click here

Alternatively, you can contact me and I’ll forward your email – [email protected]