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Day 6 #16DaysOfActivism

Welcome to Day 6 of #16DaysOfActivism from across the Parallel Lives Network.

When planning this #16DaysOfActivism programme I reached out to many contacts both here in the UK and across the global south, asking them to participate. Several of them did not immediately relate or see themselves as taking part in activism!

The definition is….the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change.

For me, it is simple… take ANY action these days can be interpreted by those in authority (if they so choose) as extremist or radical or disruptive or a danger to the public or even ‘a little too vigorous (noisy) for our liking campaigning!

Therefore, is the mere fact you have hope or are hope-ful, are you in fact an activist of some kind or maybe the dangerous kind?

My go-to source in these situations is always my friend, Prof Richard Hall, simply because he’s willing to speak his mind and maybe, more importantly, has put it on-the-line (in my view at least) as a Professor by writing a book called The Hopeless University. A key thrust of the book is you can’t fix the university as it operates now, you need to start again.

As always we spoke longer than originally planned and you can see the results below. All feedback, comments or observations to this little debate are welcomed…..if not us, then who?

You can read more about his work on his website or even become an activist by reading his book! – Richard Hall’s Space